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Food Service Consultants

KAIZEN Foodservice Planning & Design Inc.

DraftingFormerly “Marrack + Associates” specializes in food service, laundry, Waste management and support service / materials handling planning and design.

Kaizen Food Service Consultants providing service to an international base of operators, architects, industry professionals and developers within the Healthcare, Education, Business and Industry, Corrections, Military, Long Term Care and Hospitality and Leisure sectors.

Originally founded in 1988, our firm is based in Toronto [corporate office located in Oakville] with US associates located in New York, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania and Canadian associates based in Vancouver and Ottawa.




Logo Small From 'Marrack + Associates' to KAIZEN Foodservice Planning and Design

KAIZEN is defined as "change for the better" or "improvement'. The common English usage is "continual improvement". In some applications, the term has been used to mean "coming together for the common good"

('kai') means 'change' or 'the action to correct'.

('zen') means 'good' or 'benefit'.